About Us

Since 1906, Grosso Art Packers LLC has been entrusted by museums, galleries, private collectors, and artists worldwide to pack, install, handle and transport priceless and high value art and antiques. We started our business handling artwork and antiques for customers throughout New York City and New Jersey and quickly grew to serve clients around the globe.

We utilize the latest technology to pack, store, transport art and antiques. We are full service art handling, trucking fleet, custom packing and crating services, and have a secure temperature-controlled warehouse to store valuable items.

Grosso Art has been operating for four generations, and is currently owned by brothers, with over 40 years of experience, Peter and Greg Gallo. They are following in the father Anthony’s footsteps. Both Anthony and Grosso Art have been pioneers in the art storage and transportation industry.

We have developed strong and discrete relationships with our numerous clientele. While Grosso Art is still a family owned and run business, our client base has expanded to include fine-art galleries, art conservatories, hedge fund investors, antique framers, family estates, and museums all over the world.

With over a century of experience handling and caring for fine art, sculptures, furniture, and antiques, Grosso Art Packers LLC is the trusted name in the industry when clients need their valuable items cared for shipped or stored.